How dare ESPN compare coach Kryzxyzabcfucknut's "accomplishments" to the untouchable accomplishments of Coach Wooden.  

John Wooden's seven straight NCAA titles (10 total) at UCLA might be the hardest college basketball record to break.

Don't be surprised, though, if Mike Krzyzewski's nine straight Sweet 16 appearances at Duke ends up being just as difficult to approach.

Duke's regular run to Sweet 16 elite actually works in concert with the fact that, for the fourth straight season, there won't be a repeat Final Four team. Regardless of where you are seeded, getting to the Sweet 16 still is a tall task. Winning two more games to get to the Final Four on any type of regular basis in an age when players regularly bolt early for the pros is becoming tough even for elite programs.

If making it to the sweet 16 every year was something worth commemorating, we would have a different coach right now.  However, if you attend a school with a basketball program that prides itself on national championships instead of being runner up, then you eliminate the coach that is not able to provide national championship contention every year.  
Not only does Andy Katz make a fool of himself by writing this article, but Syracuse coach, Jim Boeheim, makes an even bigger ass out of himself:

What Mike has done is certainly in the same category as what John Wooden did," Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. "It's an awfully, awfully impressive thing in today's world."

But what do you expect from a coach who got lucky to make the dance in the first place and was then immediately shown the exit.

Shit, why do I still go to and read this trash.

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