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UCLA rewards Dorrell for getting his rear end kicked by USC

UCLA rewards Karl Dorrell and his staff for getting their asses kicked by USC (emphasis mine):

UCLA has a reputation for underpaying its head football coach and his staff, but the administration is trying to remedy that, as it is upgrading spending on its nine assistant coaches by nearly 22 percent, according to documents obtained by the Daily News.

New defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker is being paid $250,000 annually in base pay and royalties, well above the $185,000 Larry Kerr made last year.

Also, Bruins coach Karl Dorrell, who with an annual guarantee of $600,000 ranked in the bottom half of Pacific-10 Conference coaches last season, agreed to a one-year rollover of his contract with a raise more than a month ago. But contract language is holding up an announcement of the new deal, which will run through 2011.

UCLA paid its assistants $1,193,000 in base salary and royalties for the 2005 season, but that amount will jump to $1,455,000 for the 2006 season.

"I thought it was something that needed to be done," UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said.

Jim Svoboda, who made $103,000 as the quarterbacks coach last season, is being paid $190,000 as the new offensive coordinator. Former offensive coordinator Tom Cable made $180,000.
Yeah I know DeWayne wasn't there when Carroll was clowing Dorrell and his staff but for the OC to get a pay raise after last year's disgrace in 2 of the last 3 regular season games is kind of a joke. Well UCLA football has turned into a sad joke. The only reputation UCLA football is building right now is turning the program into USC's JV team. That 10 win season was just about as impressive as the Zags annual regular season records after their run through the WCC.

Thank God for Howland. GO BRUINS.