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Bruin Shining Moments - Tourney Day Thread

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Not that I am superstitious or anything  - I am going to put up a similar post I put up last Thursday afternoon.  Yes, note the countdown clock above. Less than 9 hours to go. As usual, for good karma it never hurts to check out this video clip over and over again (I have lost count on how many times I have seen those 4.8 seconds). Let's hope AA and the boys can generate more of this kind of shining moment starting today:

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

You can check the LIVE CBS Sportsline scoreboard of all other games here.

By the way where is everyone watching the game?  If you live in the town I live in (initials of this star) you can come out and watch the game here with tons of other UCLA alums.  The Ugly (Mug) is a great bar. How about you? Where are you watching the game? Post the 411 on this thread - that way we can perhaps have get togethers over good beers generating 8 Claps from coast-to-coast.

This is our tournament/gameday afternoon thread.