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A taste of Wooden basketball

I know A put this picture up in a caption contest. But I have some quick thoughts on this image:

AP Photo

To me this image crystallizes the essence of UCLA basketball. That's how a great player from the greatest basketball program of all time is supposed to act. We live at a time when clueless assclowns in traditional media (DSPN) have the nerve to compare some coach's consecutive Steve-16 appearances to Coach Wooden's 10 national champions. We live at a time during which we have to constantly watch a billion Duke highlights of Christian Laettner making that last second shot against Kentucky. What DSPN forgets to show is how during that amazing game Laettner was stepped on the chest of a Kentucky player. What DSPN doesn't show how Duke players are constantly taking cheap shots against their opponents.

The image also reminded me of another famous image from a UCLA-USC football game from 1990 when great UCLA safety named Matt Darby extended his hand towards a sacked Trojan QB named Todd Marijuanavich (well Marijnovich or something), and in return got the middle finger from that classless Trojie loser.  Unlike the Trojie loser, the Ammo was gracious in responding to Afflalo's gesture above. Good for him. As I wrote earlier this am, I think his game antics notwithstanding, we should act like Wooden's program and wish him and rest of his team-mates luck. That's what the Coach would want us to do.

Yes, the image to me personifies what is so right with college sports and more importantly what is so holy about UCLA basketball program. That picture pretty much sums up why we are so at peace with ourselves knowing Coach Howland is truly rebuilding this program in the mold of incomparable Coach Wooden.  Coach Howland's program may never win 10 NCs. He may never even win 5 NCs.  But he has already brought us the dignity, grace, and class, qualities that were some of the building blocks if not the foundation of Wooden Basketball.  Those qualities (not to mention blood rushing through your head exciting basketball) often had been missing during last three difficult decade since the Coach left the sidelines. But now we are back.  Officially back as the program that Wooden built. That is Wooden basketball at its finest.

Thank you AA. Thank you Coach Howland. We couldn't be prouder this morning for bringing us back the taste of Wooden basketbal.

Sorry for an unpolished post folks.  I am little emotional today. GO BRUINS.