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Thanks to Alcor for pointing out tomorrow's gametime. 4 pm PST. New countdown clock is up. GO BRUINS. -N

I am still too emotional to put together any kind of coherent thought on last night's MAGIC. I am out of breath reading all the comments and diaries right here. Please keep them coming. If you haven't read them by now here are the wrap-ups from the LA Times, the Daily News, the OC Register, and here is the ESPN recap (.avi file) which I have seen about few dozen times.

Here are the CBS Highlights (will give you chills).

There are lots of great photos of last night's magic everywhere. CBS Sportsline's Oakland page has one of the great photos A posted last night. LA Times and Daily News have their photo galleries here and here. Of course there may be more at BBR and BruinHoopScoop.

And I also want to wish Adam Morrison and Gonzaga nothing but the best. They are pretty good ... aren't they? Last night's game should serve as a notice for rest of the nation - we can play some ball out in the West Coast. We beat a team that would have had a good chance to win out over-rated "power" conferences from the East Coast, MidWest, and the Southeast. That's a special program out in Eastern Washington - they just happened into run into the greatest program in college basketball which has found its MAGIC back.

I don't how we are going to do this. But we have got to think about Memphis. I watched the earlier game against Bradley ... and they look freaking scary. They have been in control in every single game this whole. Game time for Saturday is still not set yet. For starters here is the first look into Memphis v. UCLA and here is the Memphis teampage. We are going to be the prohibitive underdogs against Memphis, but we have one thing going for us right now - MAGIC. Again I really don't need to write a huge post full of clich?s centered on the heart and character of our basketball team. I don't need write a post on the inside-the-jersey defense of a Ben Howland coached UCLA basketball team. The regular readers know how we feel about this team and how much we adore our coaches and players. Let's make it simple - WE ARE IN LOVE WITH THEM.

There are going to be even more articles galore talking about UCLA's heart and defense. There is no way I will be able to link all of them or discuss all of them - so this is again we all come in. If I am missing anything share with everyone else posting in the diary section. As I said above right now I am too emotional and fired up to provide any kind of sane analysis. I am enjoying the moment. This is our ride. This is our team. This is our MAGIC.

And, BTW can't help this ... now you know why we have been such unapologetic supporters for Ben Howland's efforts in Westwood this whole season. As I write a lot - Thank God for Ben Howland. We are blessed to be Bruins.