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Focus on LSU

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I am done with agonizing over the all the wankery from tradtional media and (unfortunately) from some our peers in the blogosphere. It is time to think about LSU. I saw a good chunk of their games against the Flukees and Texas. Of course everyone is going to be talking about Glen Davis aka "the Big Baby". But LSU is more than that. According to Doyel (who I respect a lot actually) LSU has a lethal frontcourt which is perhaps best in the nation:

LSU has the best frontcourt in college basketball. We used to say here at CBS that LSU had the country's best frontcourt, non-UConn division, but that's just not true. As it turns out, UConn had the country's best frontcourt, non-LSU division. UConn has three future pros in Armstrong, Boone and Gay, but LSU has three hungry future pros in sophomore center Glen Davis, freshman power forward Tyrus Thomas and freshman small forward Tasmin Mitchell. Those three form the perfect college frontcourt, and if this were another era -- an era before underclassmen turned pro -- Davis-Thomas-and-Mitchell would have become the greatest college frontcourt of all time. It's a shame we'll never get to find out that I'm right.
Wow ... and oh by the way Doyel has already picked LSU to win the game. So has the NY Times in its print edition today. To read more on the LSU here is the teampage. BBR has also this first look into LSU:
The Tigers have a formidable frontcourt. Center Glen "Big Baby" Davis (18.7 points, 9.8 rebounds) was the SEC Player of the Year, forward Tyrus Thomas (12.6 points, 9.3 rebounds) was the SEC Freshman of the Year, and Daniel Lazare (6.8 points and 3.4 rebounds). Fellow freshman Tasmin Mitchell (6-7, 240) has also been an instant-impact player. The Tigers have played strong defense during the tournmant and shut down two outstanding scorers in J.J. Reddick of Duke and LaMarcus Aldridge of Texas.
So I think it's way to premature (not to mention unwise) for us to write comments like NC is ours to lose. We need to get past this game. We throttled a Memphis that obvisously prepared like a bunch of Lavin coached clowns. LSU with Brady at the helm is not going to make the same mistake. This is going to be a dogfight. Another brutal, physical game like we have had this whole season. I know we are going to have a shot because of the preparations Howland and his staff is going make our team go through. One thing to consider - unlike last week - we will not have any finals to deal with. This is spring break, which means AA, Jordan, Luc, Ced, Hollins, and AA2 et al. have only thing to think about - which is how to keep this magical continue after Saturday.

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

And by the way speaking of magic check out this link. It has all the local KCBS video clips of coverage on UCLA basketball including quick preview of LSU-UCLA matchups and if you still have not had your fill all the Bruin bruhahahaha from last weekend. Gotta say those clips of WestwoodBrewCo and Maloneys is making me a little homesick this afternoon.