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Getting ready for "boring" Bruin hoops v. LSU ...

Yes we are really bored here at BruinsNation after following months and months of boring UCLA basketball. So if you want to stay on our boring bandwagon check out the video clips of yesterday's press conference courtesy of KCBS. That site also has some boring footage of boring celebration in Westwood after the Bruins beat up (physically beat up) those No. 1 rated Memphis Tigers.

We are of course getting ready for a boring match-up in the Final-4. Non Bruins - please surf away from our boring blog obsessing about our "boring team". Because I am about to crosslink to Bruin Basketball Report which has a nice post on how our big guys in the middle will have to take on LSU's "big baby"

Similar to defending against Bryant Big Country" Reeves, guarding Glen "Big Baby" Davis will be by committee.

UCLA's Ryan Hollins, coming off his Most Outstanding Player performance in the Oakland Regional, will have his hands full with Davis to start the game. At 7'0 235 pounds, Hollins will be quite challenged to keep Davis out of the paint.

In addition to Hollins, sophomore Lorenzo Mata and freshman Alfred Aboya will also get a chance at Davis.

Senior Michael Fey has only played limited minutes in the tournament thus far, but may see time against "Big Baby" Davis in this game.

"Fey's big body could definitely be a factor for us," Howland said. "When we're talking about Big Baby, we need big bodies." Not only may Fey get some playing time, but he'll be able to give up to five fouls if the game evolves in that direction.

Unlike the 1995 Bruins, UCLA coach Ben Howland does not employ a zone defense and prefers a tough, physical man-to-man the entire game. More likely, the Bruins will double-down and rotate on Davis whenever he receives the ball down low.

UCLA needs to keep Davis from having a "big" game if they intend on advancing to the finals on Monday.
Cool to see BBR picking up our reference to the "Big Country." Still not sure about whether Fey will be used this weekend. We have been doing just fine without him ? why screw up the rotation now? Let?s see if Coach Howland is bluffing by talking Fey up a little. Can?t wait to find out what happens in this boring Saturday night!

Yes, I am so dreading the prospect of watching a boring UCLA basketball game that is going to feature our boys in blue and gold pouring their heart out, playing an all out knock-down, grinding defensive game.

Yes, I am going to be bored to tears dreaming about more boring shining moments like this (posted in the diary section last night):

Yes, welcome to UCLA basketball. Gee ... I wonder why elite high school recruits would want any part of a moment like that? It is so boring.