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Warriors ...

Don't have much to say this morning.  Here is a video clip (.avi file) of the ESPN hightlights with this shot of AA making that clutch trey in OT. I have been watching the ESPN highlights over and over since last night. Can't get enough of this. You can click on the image to see the highlights:

Like I have been saying all season these guys are warriors. And this word will never get boring in describing the efforts of these kids despite the kind of adversity they have had to battle through the whole season. Ben Howland should be the national COY and at the same time we have to appreciate the special kids he has brought in to lay the foundation of a special program just getting its groove back. Of course last night's game was a mere stepping stone.  And AA makes it clear what we are fighting for this season:

"Right now, we're co-Pac-10 champs, and we're definitely not satisfied with that," Afflalo said. "(Co-champs) means nothing to us. There's a satisfaction level in beating the California Bears, a team that beat us (earlier this season). They're a great team, but being co-champs was not what one of our goals was. It was to be Pac-10 champs."
And Jordan (with gimpy ankles and all) is thinking about Saturday:
"(Co-champs) is not good enough for us," UCLA point guard Jordan Farmar said. "We want to do our best and win every game, so that's what we're going to have to do Saturday."
I love these guys.  I have never been so caught up in UCLA hoops team since the featured led by Ed and Tyus. And we get these kids at least for one more year.  Cannot wait till Saturday. Those quotes were Dohn's report on the game. Here is the LA Times wrap up on Bruins big win in Bezerkley. Perhaps these clowns will finally start covering the Bruin hoops team on a day to day basis? GO BRUINS