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UCLA alum Winnie Cooper not impressed with the Dorrell Years ...

SIonCampus (blogrolled on our right) has couple of UCLA related articles as part of their ongoing hyping of Final-4. First one is an amusing interview with Danica McKellar (who we all know as Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years). Winnie graduated from UCLA in 1998, couple of years after truly. Yes - we do remember her showing up in some of the hoops games during those glory days of 1995. In any event SIOC has an amusing interview with Winnie. Thought this exchange was pretty interesting (emphasis mine):

SIOC: Yeah, you're probably right. So fess up: how many games did you really attend at Pauley?

DM: I attended a few games while I was there; mostly football though, and that's when our football team was beating USC every year and kicking butt.
In other words - Winnie probably doesn't think too highly of Dorrell's football program getting beaten by USC ever year and getting its butt kicked. Sounds to me she is a reasonable, reality based member of the BruinsNation.

The other article on SIonCampus is a little lame. It's guest written by Daily Bruin sports editor Adam De Jong. Adam totally misses the boat about how the Bruin team is getting "no love on campus." Of course the Bruins didn't get a welcome parade when they came back from Oakland. The students are on freaking spring break. News flash for Adam - we didn't give Ed and Tyus a huge parade when they came back from Oakland Regional in 1995 as well. It was mellow. They had a huge press conference but that was about it.  We did have a huge rally for them though. That was after they brought home banner no. 11. If AA and Jordan can do the same, you can bet they will get the same response. And even if they do not bring home banner no. 12, I'd willing to bet they will still be adored in campus, and students will be lining up for seasons tickets for the 06-07 as if they are lining up for bread at a Russian supermarket.

Anyways, GO BRUINS.