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Stalker ...

So we learn from this Jon Wilner article from San Jose Mercury News that apparently Lavin has been trying to get a hold of UCLA head coach Ben Howland. In Lavin's own words:

After each step on the road to the national championship, UCLA Coach Ben Howland hears a familiar voice on his answering machine.

It's Steve Lavin, calling to say congrats.

``I left him a message after they clinched the league title in the Bay Area, after they won the conference tournament, and after they got through to the Sweet 16,'' Lavin, who coached the Bruins in 1996-2003, said Tuesday. ``I'll leave him one this week, too.''
Yeah .. sure Lavo. Thanks to our Government we have some double super secret source in Washington who was for us get a hold of Lavin's cell phone records of March. Sure enough last few weeks Lavin has been dialing up Ben's cellphone after every big UCLA win. We have transcribed the calls and this is what we got. After the jump ...

March 11, 2006, Saturday night. Bruins beat Cal to win the Pac-10 tournament broadcast on CBS.

Lavin out at the ESPN Headquarters parking lot at Bristol and dials his cellphone around 11:30 EST.

Hello this is Ben. Please leave a message.
Hi. Uh, Ben, this is Steve.
I met you at the, um, in Seattle during the Washington-UCLA game. I was the guy - the ESPN broadcaster doing color with Brent. You know the former coach at UCLA?
Uh, I just called t-to say that it is great to see the Bruins win the Pac-10 tournament! ... and you should call me tomorrow, or in, uh, t-two days, uh, whatever.

Anyway, uh, my number...
is    -   -    

March 18, 2006, Bruins beat Bama in San Diego.

Lavin from his cube in Bristol around 12:00 am EST dials up his celly again.

Hello this is Ben. Please leave a message.
Hi, uh, Ben, this is Steve again.

I just called 'cause it sounded like your machine might've cut me off last time...when, uh, when I... before I finished leaving my number.

Anyway, uh... And also, uh, sorry to call so late, I was seeing your press conference on ESPNNews and you were still in San Diego when I left the ESPN studio, so I knew I'd get your voicemail.

Anyhow, uh, uh, congrats again for getting to Sweet-16!! Way to grind out another win! Gosh all this must be so gratifying to you. Now you only have 5 more to go.  My number's  - ...

March 23, 2006, LATE Thursday night - Bruins put together a comeback win against the Zags:

This time Lavin gets on his cell after walking back into his hotel room around 1 am.

Hello this is Ben. Please leave a message.

Ben! -   - Congrats to getting to the Final-4!!! That's it. Just wanna leave my number.  I didn't want you to think I was weird or desperate or... We should just, uh, hang out... and, uh, see where it goes.

'Cause it's nice and, uh, you know, no expectations. So, okay? Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

March 25, 2006, Saturday night -Bruins beat Memphis to win the Oakland and reach its 16th Final-4.

Lavin out at ESPN HQer parking lot again calling from his rental around 11:30 pm

Hello this is Ben. Please leave a message.

Hi Ben! It's Steve gain. Congrats again for getting to the Final-4! Anyways ... here is my number again ... Anyways since I just got out of a sever-year relationship with those pathological UCLA fans, okay?

That should help explain why I'm acting so weird. I just wanted you to know that.

It's not you, it's me. I'm sorry.

I'm gonna be at Indy the whole week and I'd rather speak to you in person...instead of trying to fit it all into...


Hello this is Ben. Please leave a message.

Uh, Ben? It's Steeeve. It's, uh, uh... It's just, uh...
This just isn't working out.

I- I think you're great, but, uh, I-I...It's not you, it's me. It's what I'm going through.

All right? Uh, i-i-it's, it...It's only been two years since I got canned from is so great to see you all having such a gratifying season.

- Steve? - Ben!!!! Great!

D- Did you just walk in, or were you listening all along?

Don't ever call me again.
Wow. I-I guess you're home.

And that's all we got. Does this remind you of someone?