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Congrats to L.S.U. - 2006 NCAA Basketball Champions

Bruins have no chance ... no shot against LSU. Not sure why we are bothering with all this hype. The Big Baby guarantees an LSU championship declaring tomorrow's game all but moot. Tomorrow night is a done deal according to LSU's Big Baby (emphasis mine):

LSU center Glen Davis promised a national championship for the men's basketball team for the second straight day on Wednesday.

At a pep rally Wednesday afternoon at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in front of 2,300 fans, which was only a couple thousand short of some game crowds in recent years, Davis took the microphone.

"Something's really bothering me right now," Davis said to the crowd and pointed up to banner proclaiming LSU's 1935 national championship. "I look up in the sky and I see 1935 - the last time LSU won the national championship. Well, I'm calling the national championship already. You feel me? We'll bring it back!"
Big Baby is not the only one. His freshman team-mate (that's right a freshman) Tyrus Thomas is feeling the Big Baby too:
"We were talking about it earlier, we don't even feel like we're in the Final Four," freshman forward Tyrus Thomas said. "We're just here relaxing and taking this as just another challenge.

"I guess it's going to hit us on Monday after we win it all."
(HT to misterjoshua for the first quote).

I hope AA, Jordan et al. are packing up their bags after reading this. Because they will need to come back home after tomorrow night. I am already looking forward to next season. Why should I bother about this game now since it's a given Tigers or anyone else are going to win this Final-4. Seriously we should have stopped writing about hoops after our Memphis game and not bother at all. Because right now it's the Final-3, because it is pretty clear anyone but UCLA has a realistic chance of winning this tournament.

Anyways ... back to the title post ... from the BruinsNation - Congratulations to LSU Tigers for winning the Final-4. We are sorry our Bruins even bothered to show up. Party on down at the old Bayou. We are not worthy!