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Pac-10 Champions

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We are the regular season Pac-10 champions.  Our 28th Pac title (counting the championships won during Pac-8).  Bruins clinched the out right Pac-10 conference title tonight at an arena we had many recent nightmares (or miracles which kept extending those dark Lavin years).  Here is the AP recap and the box score. This of course is just a start. Its yet another mere stepping-stone in the continued renaissance of Bruin basketball under (who we believe at this point of time) leading national COY candidate Ben Howland. But we should still savor tonight.  Because I don't know if you can ... but I can feel it. My friends who were watching the game with me tonight can feel it.  This is just start of us being the number 1 team in the Pac-10 for a very very long time. Take note Pac-10 fans from Arizona and Washington - this is how it is going to be from now on. Get use to this:

AP photo

Now it will be matter of time it is going to apply to rest of college basketball world.  We are having fun this season growing up and yet despite all the injuries we just won the Pac-10. Imagine once we are fully locked and loaded and all coached/grown up. Perhaps Ajax et al. will have more pictures to share later on tonight. Meanwhile. Congrats to Ben Howland, Jordan, Arron, Ced, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Ryan, Darren, Alfredo, Michael, rest of the team ... and  most importanty to everyone - the long suffering fans of Bruins Nation who have been clamoring for a championship for almost a decade.  It's here. Enjoy it. We are just getting started. GO BRUINS.