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Dick Vitale's husband is losing it ...

What's with all these Viagra Coaches losing it? We have already been talking about how Lute has totally lost it this season after realizing that he is going to be owned by Howland for the remainder of his career. Now over at ACC - Dick Vitale's husband (well they are practically married to each other ? aren?t they?) is totally losing it. First - he berated some poor kid writing for Duke's campus paper:

When they were finished, Krzyzewski launched into an eight minute profanity-laced tirade. 'He started to yell and rant and rave,' Peele said. One of the reporters had carried a tape recorder inside his backpack and recorded the entire address. 'I just wonder,' Krzyzewski told the journalists, 'where your mindset is that you don't appreciate the kids in this locker room. I'm not looking for puff pieces or anything like that, but you're whacked out and you don't appreciate what the [expletive deleted] is going on and it pisses me off...and I'm suggesting that if you want to appreciate what's going on--get your head out of your [expletive deleted] and start looking out for what's actually happening.'

Several recent articles irked him. One writer present, Brent Belvin, had written an evaluation of the team's performance thus far, giving the Devils a 'B+' overall.
And now he is apparently in concocting up bizzarre conspiracy theory about get this - how the world is out to get the Dukees:
Krzyzewski didn't identify specific news organizations, other than mentioning ESPN once. He said he's upset because he thinks that Duke and center Shelden Williams haven't received proper credit for their achievements. Duke had clinched the ACC regular-season title before last night's game against North Carolina and was 27-2 overall.

"Wow, it's been sad," Krzyzewski said. "And I think it's been orchestrated. I not only think, I know it has been".
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Again, I am just so glad we don't have these kind of issues to deal with like Arizona and Duke who are starting to become the laughing stocks of college basketball world because of the embarrassing behaviors of head coaches basically acting like shameless psychopaths. Thank God for a respectful and dignified coach like Ben Howland - the Nation's choice for national coach of the year. GO BRUINS.