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Championship week kicks off for the big boys ...

Oh man. What an afternoon already. George Washington gets exposed by Temple (should not get higher than a 5 seed IMO). Of course we beat Temple earlier in the season. U-Connvicts just choked against Syracuse!!!

These games are reminders about how it is not going to be a cakewalk tonight. Oregon St. is a well coached team. They are going to come out with nothing to lose. Here is the BBR preview on matchups against Oregon St. Beavers are going to play without their leading scorer Sasa Cuic who got hurt last night against ASU. So yeah Bruins will have a decided advantage at every position going into this game. Still though no one should forget how the Beavers upset us last year in this tournament. Again we need to get off to a good start. Let's hope Jordan and his crew come out with the same intensity they showed at Maples:

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This is our game thread. It feels so freaking good to be this excited and crazed about hoops in March.