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Drew Olson's draft notes ...

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While Jordan and Arron wondering what to do about the pros, the DO and other UCLA upperclassmen have been working hard to get the recognition from NFL scouts. Drew Olson shared some of his notes with CBS Sportsline. The DO wrote about UCLA's Pro. Day, the teams he met with, and also how he was following Howland's troops through the Big Dance. It's a bit dated obvious, but still a nice read:

The Pro Day was scripted. The quarterback coach that I work with scripted it for us so we hit everything, even for them (Lewis, Drew, Lepisto). They are running routes at the same time to show the position coaches who are there to see them. We covered everything in that one little workout that we did.

There was quite of scouts there, not sure how many exactly, but around 20-30. There was a couple of quarterback coaches there, too.

I met with the St. Louis Rams afterward and watched a little game film, talked to them and they picked my brain a little bit. It was good. Anytime I can get a one-on-one with a coach or somebody in the organization that's an advantage to me.

The only thing I have scheduled from now until the draft is April 2 with Rick Neuheisel, the quarterback coach for the Ravens. I heard from the Dolphins, but we haven't scheduled anything. I knew they wanted to come in, so not sure if they will follow through with that.

I had a meeting with the Chiefs about three days before Pro Day. They came in and we went on the field for a half an hour and went through some different stuff. They wanted to see some footwork and see me throw a little bit. They wanted to get to know me, meet me in person and see me in my environment since it's a little different than the combine.

Good stuff. We wish DO best of luck. Just as a quick comparsion (according to BON) the Ball Room dancer writes like a girl in seventh grade.

The NFL draft is just 13 days away (April 29-30). For more details check out the "World Wide Leader". Coco also had a nice post on other Bruin hopefuls few days ago.

Going back to AA - again if you haven't read Paul's comment on the issue read it by clicking here. There is no use for panicking right now. Let this play out. I will post more thoughts on the topic next week. Gotta run ... and get back to enjoying the Easter Sunday. Hope all of you are enjoying yours.