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NCState gets played by Calipari, but Lavin still available ...

I have been following the posts on StateFansNation very closely.  I can only hope we can provide that kind of stellar coverage when we are looking for a football head coach in about a year or two. So it is apparently NCState got played by shady Calipari (and Barnes from Texas) who basically used the poor Wolfpacks to up his exisiting contract at Memphis St.

But you know who is still available for NCState? That's right former UCLA coach Steve Lavin - who according to this BRO poster - is a winner in the game of life:

Steve Lavin is that winner. You just need to see a picture of his bride-to-be to see how big of a winner Lavs is... she is so SMOKING hot... It is F'ing rediculous.

He is a good looking, intelligent, articulate person that has enjoyed alot of early career success. This guy was so well thought of in coaching circles that he become the HEAD COACH OF THE MOST STORIED BB IN THE COUNTRY IN HIS EARLY 30s!

Wooden, Keady and Coach K are his mentors!!!

Frankly, if the UCLA fans and Admin had been patient with Lavin, he probably would have been the most succesful coach EVER at Ucla. He could have had a 40 year run.

But Ucla fans have a sense of entitlement and expect national championships every year...

And Ucla admins forced him to hire inexperienced nobodies for coaches because Ucla doesn't pay coaches crap (neverming the rediculously high cost of living in LA).

Oh and lets not forget about the 40 yr old dump of a facility that we still use...

Lavin will be a NCOY at his next stop... you watch and see...

Not sure how we can top that.

One last bit on this whole Calipari-NCState mess. Thought this reaction from the Big Picture, a Washington Huskies blogroll re. this whole Calipari-NCState was worthy of taking note:
Herb Sendek was being criticized here for going 148-108 in eight seasons and running a Princeton-style offense. What?s gonna happen when we ? as an entire wolfpack ? have 21 points at halftime against UNC(LA)?
To keep an eye on the NC State coaching search if you are interested or just a junkie for reading good writing related to college hoops make sure to check out StateFansNation. Good luck to those guys.