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Jordan's Risks ...

Here are some of the risks Jordan faces if he decides to test the NBA waters and go through the NBA scouts evaluation process:

[T]he evaluation process carries its own risks. If a player has a glaring deficiency, the scouts will catch it at the tryouts, and they may not forget, leaving a lasting impression - sometimes a bad one.

According to Arizona associate head coach Jim Rosborough, any player leaving early could risk his NBA future if he does not play well in the pre-draft process.

Wildcat's point guard Jason Gardner tested the 2001 draft as a sophomore and returned to school for two more years before he went undrafted in 2003.

"Every weakness he had was exposed, and those (NBA) guys didn't forget about it," Rosborough said. "That may have hurt him more in terms of his pro career than anything."

The stakes are immense when one views the salary structure for NBA rookies.

Players not picked in the first round of the NBA draft are not assured of receiving guaranteed contracts, although some do. Thus a first round selection by a team is usually an assurance sought by an underclassman declaring early for the draft.
That was from BBR's roundup of all Bruins' NBA chances in this year's draft. BTW the evaluation process is going to take place at the NBA's pre-draft tryouts in Orlando Florida (previously held in Chicago) from June 6-10. Apparently the deadline to submit names for the NBA draft for underclassmen like Jordan is April 29.

And also as the BBR post mentions - don't forget Trevor Ariza, a kid who came to UCLA and played for Howland just one year and went to the NBA. He was drafted in the second round with the 43rd overall pick of the draft. He signed a two-year contract in 2004 which paid him $641,748 this year. Had he stayed an extra year or two - under Howland's coaching he probably would have turned out to be a lottery pick and could have made guaranteed millions.

So you can see Jordan has a lot to think about. I am not worried about AA. He is clearly coming back. Let's hope Jordan makes the right decision for his basketball career so that he ends up more like Earle Watson rather than Jason Gardner.