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University of Spoiled Children ...

Insomniac Lounge has this update on the USC of the East:

Wealthy, elitist Duke graduates are upset that their university is being viewed as an exclusive club that only graduates wealthy elitists. Well, elitists and rapists. They've banded together to form the "Committee for Fairness to Duke Families." Their first action was to hire Bob Bennett, a high profile Washington attorney, who represented Bill Clinton in his case against Paula Jones, to serve as their spokesman.

While I acknowledge that it's possible that the accused players are actually innocent, two aspects of this move strike me as noteworthy. First, it's indicative that the only way the Duke boosters can handle a problem is by throwing money at it. Secondly, if you're trying to portray the image of innocence where sexual impropriety is concerned, do you really want to associate yourself with Bill Clinton's legacy?

Got nothing to add to that.