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Jackie Robinson Day ...

It's Jackie Robinson Day today. MLB is celebrating one of the greatest Bruins of all time. From Think Blue:

The Los Angeles Dodgers will celebrate the third annual Jackie Robinson Day, a day that is recognized in every Major League ballpark across the nation, on Saturday, April 15.

The Dodgers will host Sharon Robinson, daughter of Jackie and Rachel Robinson, along with 10 local Jackie Robinson scholars - one of whom will throw out the first pitch to Dodger outfielder Kenny Lofton. Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson's former teammate, a Dodger legend and currently the Dodgers' Director of Community Relations, will also be on hand to honor his former teammate. A video tribute to Robinson will be played before the game.

And naturally it will be a UCLA student throwing out the first pitch at beautiful Chavez Ravine:

Raymond Pounds, who attends Robinson's alma mater, UCLA, will throw the ceremonial first pitch against the San Francisco Giants.
And last but not the least - here is bruinbabe2000 speaking on behalf of this Nation:
Having followed baseball all my life, I knew Jackie Robinson's importance to the game.  I came to appriciate him more when I found out that we were both Bruins.

I learned that Jackie just wasn't a terrific athlete, but also an amazing human being.  He saw the ugliest side of humanity and was subjected to the worst names possible because of the color of his skin.  But he knew he had to keep in all his anger and just play.  How many of us could do this same

I don't think it's a stoke of luck that Jackie Robinson went to UCLA.  I've seen stories by older UCLA alumni who said that UCLA welcomed minority groups when other universities didn't.  One alum said he remembered when we were called Jew CLA because we admitted so many Jewish students at a time when other universities looked down on them.

I'll close with one of the best quotes I heard on Jackie Robinson, "Were there better baseball players than Jackie Robinson?  Probably.  Were there more important players than Jackie Robinson?  Who?"


One of the greatest Bruin of All time:

Jackie Robinson as quarterback at UCLA; he was the college's first student-athlete to earn vasity letters in four different sports - photo from this article

Here is the MLB page if you want to go to a ball park new you. Great day for the Nation.