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The Next Barry Sanders?

I am not saying this ... but according to this writer from Ohio's Canton Rep. (who follows the Cleveland Browns), MJD just may be the answer to the question posed above:

Ever since, the football world has asked, "Will the next Barry Sanders please stand up?"

To that, 5-foot-6½ Maurice Drew might retort, "I am standing."

The speedy Drew's height will keep him out of the first round of the April 29 NFL Draft. His talents, which have drawn comparisons to Sanders, make him an intriguing Browns option after Round 1.

The Browns see Drew offering an unnerving contrast to Reuben Droughns, whom they want to keep fresh with periodic rest.

As for Sanders, Drew does borrow from the 5-foot-8 Hall of Famer, but ...

"I think I'm more of a power runner than Barry Sanders," Drew says. "He's a shifty back ... very fast. I know with my talents I've got to be able to run through people to get the job done.

"I can run, catch, block, return ... basically anything you want. I'll make plays for you."

Drew, well built and weighing 207 pounds at the NFL Combine, carried a pretty big load at UCLA, leading the Bruins in rushing the last three years.

I am not sure what kind of offense the Brown runs (don't follow the NFL as closely as I used to during those halycon days of the leage (Montana/Young era), but IMO MJD could potentially be a great fit for a team that runs the classic Niners WCO, utilizing its TB as multiple options out of the backfield. MJD even at 5 6 and half is quiet a load of any NFL DB on a one on one matchup. It will be interesting to see where the kid ends up. Draft is now just 12 days away for those eagerly waiting NFL junkies.

Also found this cool MJD video from the NFL combine (thank you YouTube):

We will miss MJD's explosive playmaking next year ... badly. He alone was responsible for that miraculous win against Cal at the Rose Bowl. Markey and co. will have huge shoes to fill next year.