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CFR: Peter Carroll is a "physical genius"!

Again, I wish I could make this stuff. But according to CFR - a good college football blog that may start to rapidly lose its credibility - as the sane/impartial observer of the world of college football - Peter Carroll is a "physical genius":

Onward to Pete Carroll.

Because he's not an athlete, I won't bother to show highlights documenting his physical gifts.  That's alright, because his mental gifts make a strong case for his status as a physical genius.

I've already discussed his practice demands, but there's more to the man than the practice field.  Carroll has a very active imagination.  Few football fans realize that he helped develop the modern Tampa/cover-two defense while serving as Monte Kiffin's defensive coordinator at North Carolina State from 1980-1982.  It is now one of the NFL's two most prolific and dominant defenses, making a home most notably in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis.

And you wonder why we cringed at CFR when it concluded that Dorrell is a good football coach.

CFR mentions Carroll's NFL ties to Tampa Bay defense, but conveniently leaves out the giant eggs Pom Pom laid with his HC stints with the New England Patriots and New York Jets. I wonder how a Patriots' fans would react if that post was brought to their attention. I lived in Boston from 1996 to 1999 when Carroll the "physical genius" was coaching the hapless Patsies. It was his genius defense that was regularly getting torched in the NFL. Yes, it was Carroll's "active imagination" that earned him a swift kick in the ass from Foxborough (not to mention the clown got fired by the New York Jets after one season).

Carroll the physical genius made a money move in hiring Norm Chow when he got hired by Southern Cal as Mike Garrett's third choice. It was Chow, not Carroll, who installed the current Southern Cal offensive system, and turned it into a point-scoring machine using the talents of Carson Palmer and then effortlessly transitioning into Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.

Bush is a freak. No denying that. And kudos to him for the great college career he put together in South Central. He alone was responsible for that lucky (and questionable) win against ND. But to label Carroll as some kind of "physical genius" has to be one of the more delusional observation someone has ever written up over the internets. Yes ... Peter Carroll is such a physical genius that his team almost choked away a win against Dorrell's football team in 2004. If not for Dorrell's pathetic game mismanagement, Bruins would have been able to pull out a win against Carroll the physical genius in just two years even with Leinart and Bush's freak show.

Carroll is a "physical genius"!

Anyways, we cannot wait to see how this genius does this year without the Ball Room Dance and without Bush and Lendale White. One of the reasons SC game has become a MUST WIN game for Dorrell is precisely because we don't have to read this kind of unbearable rubbish online.