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Arron/Jordan doing it the right way ...

They are taking their sweet time (as they should). From Dohn in today's DN:

UCLA was ready to hold a news conference today for sophomore guard Arron Afflalo to declare his intentions to make himself available for the NBA draft, but second thoughts have crept in for Afflalo, and an announcement was delayed, sources said Monday.

If Afflalo follows through and enters the NBA draft, he would remain enrolled at UCLA and not hire an agent, which would allow him to return for his junior season. A decision is expected by the end of the week.

"Nothing is set in stone right now," said Ben Afflalo, Arron's father. "He hasn't made a decision."

The Bruins are also awaiting word about the future of Afflalo's classmate, point guard Jordan Farmar.

"At this point anything is possible," said Farmar's mother, Mindy Kolani. "We still have to sit down and talk about it some more. By the middle or end of this week we could know. It will be Jordan's decision."

Sources said Afflalo and Farmar were leaning toward putting their names into the NBA draft (the deadline is April 29), but both would take the necessary precautions to maintain their collegiate eligibility.

Once they enter the pool, players have until June 19 to withdraw from the draft, which is June 28. Farmar previously intimated he would not leave unless he believed he would be chosen in the first round. Afflalo said days after the Bruins lost to Florida in the national championship game he expected to return for his junior season, and sources close to the player believe he will still be at UCLA next season.

Burlison from Long Beach Press Telegram has more on JF and AA including these observations from unnamed NBA officials:
Two NBA personnel directors (from Eastern and Western conference franchises) contacted Monday said they tentatively rate Farmar as possibly going in the 25-to-30 range (the final six picks) in the first round, with Afflalo more in the "early to mid-second round" range.

"I think Farmar is quicker than some people believe he is," said the guy from the West. "But he is a little turnover-prone right now and isn't nearly the consistent shooter he needs to be.

"Arron is a very tough kid who plays hard all the time and defends well. But I don't see great 'athleticism' and his shot needs to be a lot more consistent, as well."

NBA employees aren't allowed to comment (at least, for attribution) about college underclassmen.

But the guy from the Western Conference franchise whose opinions are highly thought of by his peers isn't buying the notion, held by some, that UCLA's offensive pace or style somehow hinders the Bruins from demonstrating their potential as NBA prospects.

"(Coach Ben) Howland has done wonders for those (UCLA) kids," he said, emphatically.

"Both would help their (NBA) stock by coming back to UCLA next season."

Makes sense to me. As I wrote last night just watch and wait.