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I Guess It's Officiall!

Bruins Back Among Nation's Elite

Although I object to the author's reference to Duke as the standard (the standard was set long before rat face came along by Coach Wooden) the author's overall premise is spot on.

No matter what happens Monday night in the NCAA final between UCLA and Florida, the Bruins are back for good, or at least as long as Howland coaches there, which could be the next 20 years if both parties have any sense at all. That means back to national prominence, back for regular visits to the Final Four, back to being mentioned in the same breath as Mike Krzyzewski at Duke.

Yes, Duke. When it's all said and done, UCLA will be the Duke of the West. Or, perhaps more accurately, people will add up the banners, readjust their perception and declare that Duke is the UCLA of the East.

Then there's this ass hat, also from MSNBC:

There are two things Florida has going for it. One is focus. They know exactly what UCLA is going to do on defense in the first two minutes of the game -- intimidate for affect -- and the Gators are going to snarl right back.

Riiiiight. The Bruins aren't focused, and Ben Howland didn't just completely mindfuck Calipari and the LSU coach.