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Everyone wants a slice of heaven ...

So the latest numbers on incoming freshmen class at UCLA is out. As usual everyone wants to be a son (or daughter) of Westwood:

UCLA admitted 12,094 prospective freshmen for fall 2006 from among 47,258 applicants, a 12 percent increase over last year and the largest applicant pool ever, making UCLA once again the most popular university in the country.

Even with the increase in numbers, the overall applicant pool had exceptionally strong academic qualifications, with nearly 21,000 students earning GPAs of 4.0 or above.


Even with more applicants and new SAT tests, the academic characteristics for admitted freshman got stronger. Admitted students had an overall grade point average -- including honors and advanced placement courses -- of 4.27, compared to 4.25 last year. The SAT I test changed from a two-part test with math and verbal sections to a three-part test, known as the new SAT reasoning test, with a more rigorous math section, critical reading replacing the verbal portion and the addition of a writing section. The requirements for the SAT Subject Tests, formerly known as the SAT II tests or achievement tests, also changed. Previously, students took three tests -- math, writing and an elective third test. Now students take two subject tests, both of their choice.

The average composite score for the new SAT reasoning test for the admitted class was 2,009, out of a possible 2,400. The average math score was 685, the average critical reading score was 658 and the average writing score was 665.
Another incoming freshmen class with gaudy numbers and they are all going to experience a slice of heaven we all know and love as Westwood (more on that later this week). BTW I am not going to give you the line that "hey we would have never been able to get into UCLA with these numbers!"  UCLA always always have been one of the most coveted colleges in the country. We always had incredible freshmen classes even dating back to 1991 - when we were a top-20 ranked university in the country. What I am hoping from this incoming freshmen class is that they will understand and respect the tradition of UCLA athletics. And perhaps they will be able to experienced what my freshmen class did during its 4-5 years in Westwood (91-96):

* A 4-0 (5-0) record against USC in football;
* 1 Pac-10 title in football;
* 3 Pac-10 basketball titles;
* A national championship in basketball

By 1997 UCLA was the no. 1 jock school according to SI.

Well I think we may have a chance to get back to that position at the top of the college athletics world. With Howland in place we are in poise to make a dominating run in hoops out of the West Coast. We know these incoming freshmen will be lining up for slots in the Bruin Den, experiencing Pac-10 titles, and perhaps even a NC in basketball. Everyone is fired up to be a Bruin (basketball) fan these days in Westwood:

And as you can see we are going to continue to dominate in the sports we own such as volleyball, soccer, softball et al.

The question is what about football? What is going to happen with UCLA football? Will the freshmen class of 2006 be the class that experiences the ending of the 7 game streak at the end of their freshmen year? Will they experience a Pac-10 title in football by the end of their second year? If they don't they should be graduating with a new head football coach calling the shots at Spalding field.