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Steve Lavin - 1 of the 3 Finalists for the NC State Job

I am serious. According to StateFansNation, the NC State blog which is probably the most reputable online communinity devoted the Wolfpacks from ACC, Steve Lavin is one of the three finalists- for the NC State gig. Here is StateFanNation's look into Lavin as a serious candidate for their head coaching gig:

2) Steve Lavin (ESPN, formerly at UCLA)


    * Good national media attention (they love their own)
    * Arguably a good recruiter - could possibly bring infusion of athletic talent to NC State
    * Could have learned a great deal from ordeal at UCLA (was hired too young)


    * Strengths are mostly hypothetical
    * Was constantly under fire and ultimately dismissed from one of the three best jobs in college basketball (UNC and Kentucky are the others, FYI)
    * Some ethical concerns
    * Arguably, an inconclusive recruiter - my cat could sell UCLA
    * No other program - including bottom feeders like Purdue (a job Lavin really wanted) - has been willing to give Lavin a second chance
    * No ties to the ACC, or more broadly, the east coast.

Outfreakingstanding. Also remember ... according to some people the jury may still be out on Lavo as a head coach (yeah some people still believe this), but one thing is for certan - Lavin is a winner in the game of life!

Lavo is now the front page story on NCState's Insider site Pack Pride.

All I can say - Go Lavo Go!