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Spying ...

Saw this hillarious note in today's Washington Post:

Heading into only the second football game in 83 years between in-state rivals West Virginia and Marshall on Sept. 2, school officials on both sides confirm a West Virginia student was caught spying at a Marshall practice this month.

Thundering Herd practices have been open to the public, but NCAA rules prohibit opposing coaches or football program representatives from attending another school's practice without permission.

The student works in the building where West Virginia's football offices are located.

Mark Gale , Marshall's director of football operations, said the student never admitted that he was enrolled at West Virginia. But officials found a card in his pocket that listed the names of the Mountaineers football staff and their phone numbers. . . .

The Thundering Herds must have a really unpredictable offense? No such issues in the L.A. college football "rivalry" though. SUC or anyone else on our schedule really don't need to have their spies at practices out in Spalding Field to figure out our run, run, pass (Donahue) WCO. Unless of course the new OC Svoboda is going to shake things up. I am not going to hold my breath.