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Arron, Jordan, & Maurice Drew (contrast between Howland v. Dorrell's programs)

So the NFL draft is tomorrow. We heard DO will be golfing to take the pressure off from waiting for the phone call. We know MJD is working his ass off and he is determined to prove all the blowhards wrong. But I wanted to make one observation re. the circumstances of Arron, Jordan, and MJD's decisions to explore their professional careers a year or two year before graduation.

What do these three have in common besides being the heroes of the UCLA basketball and football programs? Well they all had press conferences declaring their decisions to explore their professional aspirations before getting their degrees from UCLA.

However there was a key difference in the way they announced their decisions. The difference stood out in the venues and manner their press conference were held. In Jordan and Arron's case Howland has been heavily involved in their decisions. He went out of his way to open up the NBA pipeline making necessary contacts with the NBA GMs so that AA and JF could assess their draft status and make the most informed decision. AA and Jordan held their press conferece on campus with Coach Howland in the middle of them:

(Photo: Richard Hartog / LAT)

It was obvious and clear cut that it was being done in a methodical, deliberate way with communications going on all channels.

Meanwhile Maurice's decision to go pro was handled in bizzare way. His press conference was off campus. And of course Dorrell was no where visible when MJD was making that decision as if KD had nothing to contribute to MJD's decision making process. You'd think MJD being the current face of UCLA football (and pretty much destined to be the unquestionable leader had he returned for his last season), KD and his football program would be a little more interested in the decisions of their superstar by standing by him or helping him out with press outreach allowing him to have his press conference on campus with a little more attention. FWIW Young had his going pro conference on Campus and so did the cheater (alleged) from USC. But neither KD nor any of his staff was nowhere to be found when MJD had his big day. Really weird and bizzare they way these guys handle the football program.

Again I hate to bring up the comparisons between the football and the basketball program on how they are run. But the style of managament and leadership from the head coacing ranks couldn't be more different. And the result shows in the clear and unmistakable progress in one of the program while lack there of in the other.  Just some food for thought.