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ESPN's Pac-10 Spring Notebook ...

It was up few days ago. Not much on UCLA except for this little note:

UCLA's defensive line should show significant improvement next fall -- if it gets and stays healthy. The first order is a successful return of tackle Kevin Brown, who broke his leg last fall. Joining Brown as a budding star is Kenneth Lombard, who probably posted the best spring of any defensive lineman. Lombard can play end or tackle. While Brown didn't make it completely back from injury, Chris Horton did. Horton moved from free to strong safety and earned a spot atop the depth chart, lining up beside free safety Dennis Keyes.

UCLA was done with spring practice for weeks, so coaches have turned their attention to recruiting, with good results, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Nate Chandler, a 6-5, 225-pound tight end out of San Diego, became the fifth high school junior to give the Bruins an oral commitment for the 2007 class. UCLA figures to have no more than 15 available scholarships, so the Bruins are already a third of the way toward filling out their class.

Kevin Brown should be ready by Fall. Besides ... you'd think the other recruits who KD brought in during his last three years should be ready by this season to contribute at DL. Defense possibly couldn't be worse than last season. And we have a brand new (NFL hyped) DC to fix the mess left behind by Kerr.  So it will not be an excuse. 9 wins and MUST BEAT SC (specially considering the hits those clowns have been taking this glorious off season). There will be no excuse for losing to those thugs in our house this December.