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A lack of institutional control at Ole SC?

So is the Bushies House of Scandal just an isolated incident at Ole USC? We report you decide:

If you think that this Bush Real Estate Deal was an isolated incident, you're painfully ignorant to L.A. history. We can tell you from personal knowledge that Ricky Bell, sc's Reggie Bush of the 70's, lived in a Beverly Hills mansion with one of their biggest boosters. Marcus Allen also was no stranger to that trojan Palace.

But anyone who might have tried to put a stop to the illegal infractions back then was just stopped with deep pockets. The Press and the NCAA investigators would just get wined and dined at The Palm, and somehow forget that Bell was playing pinball in the Cardinal & Gold gameroom before dinner.

Take that history lesson, and add it to the report that the Bush's ABRUPTLY LEFT THE HOUSE in a fly-by-night, guilty-of-something fashion. They even left things in the house, apparently in too much of a hurry to pack all their belongings before investigators and the National Press descended on them.

They and sc have issued what amounts to a bunch of "no comments," further cemented their guilt in our eyes. However, leave it to the sc Spin Machine to figure out a way to legitimize the obviously-bogus arrangement. You can be sure that the Trojan Defense League will stop at nothing, including bribery, threats, coercion, and extortion, until they get this thing thrown out. After all, if they can get away with double-murders and countless rapes, they should be able to make this little transgression disappear faster than Cole Ford disappeared after trying to shoot Seigfried and Roy's House. Hey -- There's another reason why a House would want revenge on usc.

LA Times predictably has a weak article on the scandal without any observations/commentary on the ugly big picture for USC's football factory. Nothing from the Trojan shill Scottie over at the Daily News. Scott is probably reading the TrojanPundit this morning to figure out his company spin for his tomorrow's article (if he is diligent enough to write one). At least from the outside appearance of this story - SUC again is getting exposed as a cheap, corrupt, trashy football program. What else do you expect from a glorified community college pretending to be legit institution of higher learning.