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Bush story getting bigger ...

Jason Cole of the Miami Herald has a must read article re. the serious allegations of NCAA violations implicating the Bush family:

An NCAA rules guide designed for student-athletes states: ``Nor may your relatives or friends accept benefits from an agent, financial advisor, runner or any other person associated with an agency business. (Benefits include but are not limited to transportation, money and gifts, regardless of the value of the benefit or if it is used.)''

That refers to NCAA bylaw 12.3.1, which further states that ''an individual shall be ineligible if he or she (or his or her relatives or friends) accepts such benefits.'' Thus, Bush might have been ineligible for the entire season.

The question of whether the family paid a fair-market rent for the 3,002-square foot home with a panoramic view of Sweetwater Lake has not been answered. But that might not matter: The NCAA frowns on any relationships that exist between sports marketing representatives and family members of colleges athletes.

Commensurate rent in that subdivision is at least $2,500 a month, although the mortgage payment on the home Michaels purchased could be significantly higher. LaMar Griffin works in security at a public high school in San Diego. Denise Griffin has worked as a corrections officer and deputy sheriff. The Griffins previously lived in an apartment in Spring Valley before moving into the home, according to public records.

Michaels is a member of the Sycuan tribe of El Cajon and works for the Sycuan Tribal Development Corporation. Michaels took out a first mortgage of $600,000 on the home and subsequent loans of $150,000 and $60,000, property records show.

Here is the picture of the Bush crib in Spring Valley:


Again just how the hell someone can pack up and leave that huge digs within a period of 24 hours?

Meanwhile Wolfie of the Daily News is pleading his readers to not reach any kind of conclusion. Meanwhile some of the Trojan jackholes are already pointing to the news of a Ricky Manning assault in Westwood and gloating about how it supposedly shows there are issues in every programs, somehow totally forgetting the fact that Manning is not in college any more and it was because the kind of problems he ran into at UCLA that became one of the main reasons for the eventual firing of Bob Toledo. UCLA held Toledo accountable for the perceived lawlessness in his football program. No doubt it will (and should do the same thing) if same pattern emerges under the current coach.

In contrast there is no reason to hold our breath over whether there will be any questions of accountability directed at Peter Pom Pom Carroll. Mike Garrett (AD) and Steve Sample (President of USC) are too chickenshit to demand any kind of accountability from a loosy goosy football coach who has made a name for himself by being a players' coach. Remember this was the guy who was childish enough to set up a bizarre practical blooper staging suicide of one of his football players at end of one his football practice. Again think about that Trojan authorities had no problems with their football head coach making fun of suicides at football practice. And you wonder why we are not expecting any effort towards seeking accountability or impose institutional control over a shady football program over at USC.