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Bush 's Blue Dress?

UPDATED: Here is a link to the content of Sport Business Journal's Liz Mullen article referred to in the scoop below, which seems to indicate not only Bush, but Justice may also have been involved in this sleazy agent scandal rocking U$C football. Yes - allegations of lack of institutional control - bunch of wild speculations. Cheat On. -N

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio has this (possibly blockbuster) scoop on the President, which may just amount to Bush's stained blue dress (emphasis mine):

In what could be the next big step toward a finding that USC tailback Reggie Bush was ineligible for all or part of the 2005 football season and that USC knew or should have known about Bush's ineligibility, Liz Mullen of the SportsBusiness Journal  reports that sworn testimony from two hearings regarding a parole violation indicates that New Era Sports &  Entertainment had an agreement of some sort with Bush.

Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake founded New Era in 2005.  Earlier this year, Lake faced the revocation of his parole from federal prison.  At one of the hearings, Lake's lawyer, Marc Carlos, testified that "Mr. Bush -- or through his associates -- had made some type of agreement with Mr. Lake's group."

Carlos also testified that, after Bush signed with another group, there was a dispute over "representations made by Bush and his family to Mr. Lake's group" and that "they were going to discuss potential litigation -- or a settlement involving Mr. Bush's involvement with that agency."

David Caravantes, an NFLPA-certified agent who reportedly was being lined up by New Era to handle the negotiation of Bush's football contract, testified as well.  Caravantes confirmed his arrangement with New Era:  "Lloyd [Lake] and I had got together in October [2005] to start a new sports management company with Sycuan. . . .  Since October, Lloyd was a viable part of the company, helping recruit players, and in the process of merging this New Era Sports with Sycuan.  In the process of this happening, you know, it obviously hurt the company because he had some relationships with certain players who ended up not signing."

Lake gave the following testimony:  "I had a sports agency that we had formed, and we had a guy in, Winston Justice, from USC. . . .  Reggie Bush came into town.  And at that time he was going to go out with us."

The initial significance of this testimony is that it removes any credible doubt that, at some time after Bush's family moved into the house owned Michaels but before the completion of the 2005 football, Michaels was an "agent" within the meaning of the relevant NCAA bylaws.  Thus, if it ultimately is shown that Bush's family paid anything less than fair market rent after Michaels became an "agent," then Reggie was necessarily ineligible under the NCAA rules for each subsequent game.

More importantly, the reference to "potential litigation" suggest that New Era had (or at least thought it had) some type of binding commitment with Bush.  If such an agreement was reached prior to the completion of the 2005 football season, Bush was ineligible regardless of whether his mother and stepfather were paying fair value for the house owned by Michaels.

But of course according to the latest Trojan spin Bush didn't have any (***) relations with those agents:
I am saying it's a strong likelihood he had NO involvement in the house deal. 20 year old busy college students do not broker home deals, sign leases, pay their parents' home rental costs, etc.
Yeap there you have it ... Bush had no idea. None whatsoever. Cheat on Trojies. Cheat on.

HT To Billy Zoom over at BZ.