The DO will be golfing on draft day

DO will be golfing on draft day instead of playing the waiting game.From DO's NFL Draft Journal on CBS Sportsline:

As for the day of the draft, I'm going to be playing golf. I'm going down to Pebble Beach, playing Spyglass on Saturday and then Pebble Beach on Monday. We are going down with family and friends, just to have as relaxing a weekend as possible.

Me, my cousin and brother are the three golfers of the family. We'll see how my round goes, I'm not sure how focused I'll be, but I figured I might as well play some nice courses to keep my mind off the draft. I'll have my cell phone on me and as long as I get service, I'll be in business.

As for the last month, I've been working out pretty much every day. I really didn't want to lose anything that I've built up for the past couple of weeks. Minicamps are a week or two after the draft and I want to put my best foot forward because first impressions are always big.

Apparently the Niners worked him out and he is getting calls from the Ravens, Eagles, Panthers, Giants. Good luck to him.

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