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Wild accusations ...(updated)

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Bush and his Trojan lapdogs were on hyper media spin over drive yesterday. They came on ESPN in an attempt to dismiss the Bush family scandal as bunch of wild accusations. Of course the savvy traditional media reporters (cough none in the LA Times) are not buying the Bush spin:

Proving just as elusive running behind his blockers as he did on the field, Bush and his advisers put out a carefully crafted message that was shy on specifics after more reports surfaced detailing the link between a home Bush's family lived in for the last year and its owner, Michael Michaels, who wanted to market Bush and guide him toward signing with agent David Caravantes, according to several published reports.

"When all is said and done, everybody will see at the end of the day that we've done nothing wrong," said Bush, during one of three interviews he did for shows on ESPN.

Yet when he was pressed about who paid the rent, Bush declined to answer.

"I don't want to get into the details," he said.

When asked if it were suspicious that his parents, Denise and LaMar Griffin, had packed up and vacated the house Saturday, less than two days after reporters from and the Miami Herald had shown up at their year-old, 3,000-square foot house east of San Diego inquiring about their relationship with Michaels, Bush said the move had been planned.

"That's the funny thing," Bush said. "We've been looking for a house for two or three months now that I'm in a position to buy my parents a house. We made a bid on another house but it was too steep for my pocket. . . . It just happened that we found one for them."

While Bush insisted his parents did nothing inappropriate, his advisers moved to distance Bush from them.

Yeap people are having a hard time buying Bush's "I am not a crook" nonsense defense.

Meanwhile back in Texas where people perhaps are over dosing of too many Bushes some are suggesting Texans should look at someone else for their No. 1 pick. Dennis Dodd also has a column on how this Bush scandal has brought up questions of accountability within the BCS. This has become a HUGE STORY every where in the country except within the delusional world of Trojan lovers.

The Bush House scandal is THE STORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL world this week except in the blog titled College Football Resource. And you wonder why some of our bloggers call that website as a Trojan apologist. Not a single home page post on Mr. President on CFR homepage eventhough the scandals involving his family is the story of college football. Not one. The blog has no problem bringing up Sam Gilbert accusations on its home page. It has time to provide idiotic commentary about March Madness, yet it has no time or interest to talk about the story Bush and what the allegations against his family mean for USC or college football. Never mind all it has been doing really last few weeks is cover Bush and the NFL draft. But all on a sudden it has no interest in providing commentary on the Bush story. Yes, they are not Trojan apologists. lol Whatever.

[UPDATED: So after saying all day yesterday that it was not going to chime in about the Bush Fiasco, CFR has chimed in and it is what was expected - typical Trojan spin - everyone else does it and this doesn't involve Bush. Like we said ... whatever].

One thing is becoming clear: no one except the delusional blind Trojan honks are buying Bush's pathetic PR attempt to dismiss this scandal as bunch of wild accusations.

We will see how this Pac-10 investigation turns out. You'd think with this kind of allegations involving against THE PLAYER of college football, NCAA would put forward its full weight of investigative staff looking into these allegations and the USC football program which has been the source of so many off field stories under the tenure of Pom Pom Carroll.