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Tip of the iceberg?

So I would think now that NCAA is getting involved in the blockbuster Bush scandal they would be looking into these kinds of explosive allegations of lack of institutional control at ole SC. A poster who is well sourced within the Southern California college athletic scene (but again he doesn't brag about it), while smacking down a hapless Trojan apologist:

Your problem is an apparent failure/refusal to recognize that "should have known" is a very low threshold. It's basically a negligence standard. And if SCum doesn't monitor parents to some minimal degree -- or provide some educational support to parents about what does and does not constitute "extra benefits" -- then you've blown through the "should have known" standard.

And I don't believe for one second -- given what I believe has taken place with others beyond Bush -- that the staff had no knowledge of such things. Where was Booty and his family living before last year? How much did the starting defensive backfield three years ago pay for rent in their plush apartment?


Again we are just posting what we are reading on the interents. What we are hoping is that the NCAA will do a thorough and sincere job of investigating the Bush allegations and every single report of alleged transgressions of Pom Pom's (apparent) lawless program. GO BRUINS.