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Bush story has legs (NCAA joining the investigation)

As they say in the business the Bush story has legs. LA Times has details on the new link in Bush scandal. The NCAA is now getting into the investigation:

New details emerged Tuesday suggesting that Reggie Bush's family had significant ties to -- and perhaps a business agreement with -- an aspiring sports marketer who hoped to sign the USC tailback as a client.

The relationship, laid out in court documents and interviews, has come under investigation because the family lived in a house owned by a New Era Sports & Entertainment executive during Bush's Heisman Trophy-winning football season.


[I]n transcripts from an unrelated criminal case, a lawyer for one of New Era's founding partners said: "Apparently, what happened is that Mr. Bush -- or through his associates -- had made some type of agreement with ... the sports agency group."

And, as New Era sought to form a partnership with the Sycuan Indian tribe, Bush's stepfather, LaMar Griffin, went to the reservation east of San Diego.

"He was extended the courtesy of a visit," Sycuan spokesman Adam Day said. "The tribe chose not to be a part of that company."


[A] Pacific 10 Conference official confirmed Tuesday that the NCAA has joined the conference in an investigation into Bush's connections with New Era.

When NCAA gets into an investigation you know there may be some serious issues. And speaking serious (and bizzarre) angles check out this Pom Pom connection to the Bush scandal:
Justice, oddly enough, is represented by Gary Uberstine, who also is the agent for Trojan coach Pete Carroll. And in yet another bizarre twist to the story, Lake's sister, Lisa, also was mentioned in court as being part of the fledgling business. Lisa just happens to be an anchor for San Diego station KGTV. And yes, she is an alumna of Helix High, the same high school that Bush attended. We can't make this stuff up. ... No, this story is not going away, and if we continue to pile on at this rate, the San Diego Union-Tribune poster of their hometown hero that is featured with this post might soon disappear.
EDSBS chimed in on the Bush fire while taking note of Coco's must read post on Pete Carroll, Scandals and USC. To say that things are starting to get a little serious would be an understatement.

Meanwhile, Scott Wolf is in damage control mode shilling for the Heritage Hall PR department. Wolfie is shameless and a disgrace to his profession. Then of course everyone who closely follows the Southern California sports media scene (but does not brag about it knew that). What is funny though is to see a so called impartial college football blog joining Wolfie in Trojan spin control like a pavlov's dog. Trojans (whether they are in our outside the closet) are shameless. We knew that. And now you know why we were skeptical when it made an assessment that Dorrell is a good coach. In hindsight their post on Dorrell appears more like Lute Olson and Arizona fans proclaiming Lavin was a good coach at UCLA. They have been exposed. Anyways ...