Troy Burns In London (Doggy Style)

Trojans are accusuing us of being angry. But seriously we can't make this up:

A mini-riot erupted at Heathrow airport after rapper Snoop Dogg and a 30-strong entourage clashed with police in a departure lounge.

The men - mostly minders - apparently turned violent after being refused entry to a first-class lounge, smashing up a duty free shop, throwing bottles and attacking officers.

It took riot police over an hour to arrest the "20-stone men", who were then led out in handcuffs, with one shouting: "This is how it goes down in LA."

Again will anyone hold Pom Pom Pete accountable:

The Physical Genius getting in on the bling bling ((AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

for setting his thugs lose in South Central?:

Snoop Dogg high-fiving the (alleged) sex criminals (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

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