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More on the Other SuC Scandal

Apparently, Reggie knew Michael Michaels, the wannabe sports marketing guru that tried to steer Reggie to a SD agent.

"Bush, however, said he would not comment on whether the family paid rent to Michael Michaels, an aspiring San Diego sports marketer trying to sign him as a client, because he was still gathering information about the situation."

It's really pretty simple Reg. Are we to believe that Reggie hasn't dropped a call to Mom and Pops to see what was up? "Mom, how can we afford rent on a $750,000 house note when you can't even pay your cell phone bill?" If there was no wrongdoing, you can make this all go away by calling a presser and producing a lease agreement and proof of rent payments. That's it.

"But Mike Ornstein, Bush's marketing representative, said Michaels was a longtime family friend of Bush's stepfather and mother. Ornstein said Michaels knew LaMar and Denise Griffin were having difficulty paying rent at another residence, so he allowed the couple and Bush's teenage brother, Jovan, to stay in a Spring Valley home he purchased for $757,500 last year.

It's amazing how many friends you make when your son is a sure fire 1st round NFL draft pick.