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Sports Reporting at Nike U ...

Should have put this up a little earlier. But his timely considering all the talk re. Jordan and Arron. Jeremy over at BruinHoopScoop tipped us off on a story about some aspiring student sports writer from University of Oregon. I guess the kid doesn't have anything good or interesting to write about any of Oregon's athletic program. So he decided to write an article on Jordan and Arron's decisions to check their stocks in the NBA draft, coming up with this piece of work:

When I heard UCLA guards Jordan Farmar and Aaron Afflalo declared for the NBA draft, I thought, "Someone needs a reality check in Westwood."

This is the time of year when college basketball players -- with egos inflated by NCAA success -- try to make NBA dreams come true. Farmar and Afflalo have the dream like every other college basketball player with a pulse. But if the duo leaves UCLA, Farmar and Afflalo will renege on their promise to restore UCLA's basketball elite.


Should Farmar and Afflalo leave, it will go down as the ultimate cop-out. They must have looked at Florida, seen all the returning talent and thought, "We have no chance against them next year."

Well what can you say? You can't blame a kid for wanting to be a sports columnist when he looks like a young Bill Plachke (scrawny version I guess):

Just like Plaschke the kid did not bother do his research on how deep UCLA's rotation is going to be with or without AA or Jordan (or both. He did post his email address in that article. So it may not be a bad idea to send him a little feed back at (please be polite) and advise to do spend a little more time developing the skills of research and analysis while getting his degree from Nike U.