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Troy Burning (quick roundup)

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LA Times has an article this morning on how the President may be lying:

While Reggie Bush played his way to a Heisman Trophy last season, his family was living in a house owned by an aspiring sports marketer without paying rent, a lawyer for the marketer said Thursday evening.

The attorney, representing New Era Sports & Entertainment, said that Bush's stepfather, LaMar Griffin, was also a founding member of the company and promised to repay what he owed in back rent through money earned after his son signed with an NFL team.

"Originally there was a rental agreement, but they never paid a dime," attorney Brian Watkins said. "It was always, 'Don't worry, we'll pay you ... you can take it out of our profits."

Watkins claimed that Bush, when made aware of the situation, also promised to repay the debt when he turned professional. Bush is expected to be the top pick in Saturday's NFL draft.

Neither Bush nor his parents -- LaMar and Denise Griffin -- could be reached for comment Thursday night.

Bush lied? Yeah that is big news. Apparently there are text messages to prove that the President is a BIG LIAR and his chances of retaining the Heisman Trophy may be in jeopardy:
The lawyer says that they have PROOF of all of their claims, including TEXT MESSAGES.

Guess what? It sounds like usc is SCREWED. And it gets worse. Reggie told the National Press that his parents paid for their lease like everyone else, and that they moved out because he bought them a nicer home. Now it looks like none of that is true. Apparently, there was no nicer home, and the Griffins were EVICTED. So that's why they moved: To avoid the COPS... AND the Investigative Reporters.

And there's more: The lawyer says that the landlord gave the Griffins money so that they could travel with the team, specifically on a trip to Notre Dame. There are so many violations here that the NCAA is going to open a new division, dedicated solely to investigating usc.

And it gets even worse: The wannabe agents had agreements with Bush and/or his family representatives as early as November 2004. Bush's teammate Winston Justice has also been linked to these "illegal" agreements.

It will now take a miracle for Bush to retain his Heisman, or for usc to retain their record for 2005. Now the issue is whether or not sc has shown a lack of institutional control, which would lead to serious sanctions, like being banned from television broadcasts.

More from THC, which is doing a phenomenal job of the total implosion over at South Central. Those guys are cynical and are already predicting how the SC spin machine will cover up the Sanchez sex scandal:
However, just like the previous two accusees got off (legally speaking), we fully expect that the Trojan Defense League will miraculously make these charges disappear into thin air. The victim is already receiving death threats from trojan fans in cyberspace, so when shown the extortionary light by the sc legal machine, she is sure to have a change of heart...and a Mercedes by semester's end.

And there's already some evidence that the charges are going to be depicted as bogus in the Media. The alleged attack occurred at 12:30am, but security videotape at the 901 Club shows Sinchez exited the bar at 1am. Knowing the Crack Legal Team down at Fig. Tech, Sinchez will be off the hook by the end of the week. Then he can go back to being known for his AERIAL Assault, instead of his Sexual Assault.

Sanchez is on indefinite SUSPENSION from usc until the legal team works their Copperfieldian magic on the LAPD, whom, of course, sc "owns" anyway.

So when the dust settles on the non-Rape, and the victim has to leave town to avoid the angry trojan mob, there will still be the issue of sc's Star player ILLEGALLY sneaking into a 21-and-over bar, with a phony ID.

The ID. that Sinchez used was from Arizona, with the name of JORDAN TRAVER UTTAL. According to eyewitnesses, he was stone cold sober when entering, and drunk off his ass when he left. However, he left alone. Perhaps that was why he was in a feisty mood -- because, like this season, he was unable to score.

We will see how this all plays out. But gotta say it's been an awesome week to watch the downward spiral going on at Thug Central.