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More cheating at South Central (now involving Leinart & Jarrett)

Lendel White could be a drug addict.

Bushies could be bunch of cheaters.

Sanchez could be a sex criminal.

And now apparently new issues are coming up about the post apartment of Trojie receiver Jarrett, which he used to share with the ball room dancer (the loser of yesterday's NFL draft). Say it nice and slowly.

A lack of institutional control at ole SC?:

USC's football program, already embroiled in controversies surrounding Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush and quarterback Mark Sanchez, now faces a new issue involving an upscale apartment that All-American receiver Dwayne Jarrett shared with former quarterback Matt Leinart.

School compliance officials are investigating whether an NCAA rule was violated because Jarrett paid less than half of what Leinart's father said was a $3,866-a-month lease.

Bob Leinart, who picked up the difference, said he has been told that Jarrett might have to repay him about $10,000.

Reached by telephone Saturday, Coach Pete Carroll said of the investigation: "They are trying to figure it out. We'll know a lot more on Monday or Tuesday."

Bob and Linda Leinart, in New York to watch as their son was selected 10th in the NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals, said they leased the apartment in a secured building last June because fans started showing up at Matt's previous residence near campus, where he lived during the Trojans' 2004 national championship season.

"I was freaking out for his safety because people were following him home," Leinart's mother said. "He would walk out of his front door and people were waiting there for autographs."

Leinart's father said he put his son and Jarrett on the lease at the Medici complex downtown. Matt paid $650 a month, Jarrett paid $650 and Bob Leinart said he paid the difference.

Oh cry me a freaging river. If the Leinart's were so worried about their precious ball room dancer's safety then why did they allow their little baby to enroll at that little hellhole in South Central? And are Trojan dorms that bad that they are not good enough for prima donnas like Jarrett? I remember while going to UCLA there were few kids who had no problem with staying on campus for their entire 4-5 years in Westwood. If USC football players are so worried about their safety  why can't they just stay in the secure dorms at campus. Then again I guess you can't blame the Trojan campus community wanting to keep Pom Pom' football players at a distance because they are too busy acting like bunch of gang banging lawless goon squad around campus.

Perhaps two more phrases the NCAA investigators should keep in mind when they are investigating the Bush bombshells:
  1. Tip of the Iceberg
  2. The Death Penalty.
Orenthal must be so proud of these jokers making a  mockery of the concept of student athletes.