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Thank You ...

First - our prayers are with Coach who was rushed to the Hospital last night. He is going to be fine.

Second, to echo A's point - congratulations are in order for University of Florida - Gator alums, students, and fans of their basketball program. They clearly are the undisputed champions of college basketball. Swamp Ball is a happy place.

Third, thank you to Ced, Ryan and rest of the seniors of UCLA basketball program for giving us the most memorable basketball season since 1995. Now some really quick, scattered thoughts.

I don't believe in moral victories.

And I don't believe in celebrating losses. One of the main reasons we started blogging in 2004, breaking away from certain online message board communities was due to how disgusted we were with some Bruin football fan's behavior celebrating a "true moral victory" against those Trojans from cross town losing all of their dignity and self-respect.

This feels a little different. Of course I am deflated about last night. However, I am feeling good abiut Bruin Baskebtall. And here are just few reasons:
I cannot tell you - how excited about UCLA basketball.

I cannot wait to see how recruiting continues to shape out this spring, summer, going into next fall.

I cannot wait to read some of the scattered updates those legendary summmer pick up games at Pauley.

I cannot wait to see James Keefe in a Bruin uniform.

I cannot wait to see Shipp draining those long range 3s and sliding/gliding to the hoop providing the Bruins a reliable 3rd scoring threat.

I cannot wait to see Luc continue to develop into one of the legends of Pauley.

I cannot wait for (at least) one more year of Jordan and Arron - who are the reincarnation of Tyus and Ed.

And I cannot wait for moments like this - thanks to the work of best damn coach in college basketball:

AP Photo

When we look back at this 2005-06 season that's how he will remember this team, not what transpired in Indiannapolis.

I don't really feel like reading and linking news stories from traditional media this morning. Hope you all are cool with that.

Let's put everything in perspective again just one more time.


Let's keep it going. We have truely created something wonderful here at BN over the last few months. As we settle in for off-season - keep in mind - we are not going away anywhere. A, O, and I will be here. Posting away - holding a mediocre football program accountable while celberating the continued restoration of the greatest basketball program in college basketball.

Thank you to all of you for making this blogging thing - writing about the greatest university in the world - so much fun. It is more than worth it.