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Bloggers v. Message Board Posters (NC State Edition)

For those of you who have been following O, A, and yours truely know one of the reasons we started blogging instead of writing on message boards is the stupidity we often see the message boards get inundated with. Looks like the dichotomy between bloggers and message boards exists within online communities of other school as well. I indicated below how Lavin and NC State may be talking to each other.  Look how some of the posters in the NC State Scout message board responded:

Okay guys, I think hiring Lavin makes alot of sense. He's got name recognition, and a good track record.

Just to make it better, I'd try to get some serious money together to get Larry Harris back on the payroll for continuity with the team and the recruits.

Lavin would have to assemble a staff, but he'd be very wise to grab somebody who'd give him an attachment to the guys we already have and have relationships with.

Have at it.
I like this one too (from the same thread):
Lavin would be an X and O guy.
LMAO (Okay I did LMAO when I saw that quote). You think that's funny take a look at this gem:
Lavin was fired for never been a successful regular season coach, but he'd always somehow get those guys in the sweet 16 every year. He was very good at coaching up his players for the tournaments, which intrigues me. I've liked him from the get-go. He had it rough following in Harrick's steps at UCLA. If the media thinks we're bad, they ought to take a gander at UCLA's fanbase. Those guys are still looking for John Wooden.
Yes! We are still looking for Wooden!! So true!!!

In contrast to those posters from look how bloggers from StateFanNation (a great NC State blog) responded when they heard the Lavin news:
(1) Fans have a very bad habit of simply taking a coach's overall record and latching on to it as if it would be transferrable to other jobs. Steve Lavin had one of the five best basketball jobs in AMERICA. His numbers look generally pretty good when you look at them without framing them against the backdrop of his resource base.

But, UCLA is UCLA...with little competition on the west coast; not to mention that Lavin inherited the program not too long after they won a National Championship. You need to analyze coaches in comparison to what they have done with their resource base. Lavin managed to go 10-19 in this sixth season (whatever happened to building a program?).

(2) Lavin has been trying to get back into coaching every year since he was fired by UCLA. Nobody has hired him. There is a reason for that. Even more troubling is the fact that despite Lavin's experience as a top assistant coach at Purdue during Gene Keady's best seasons, Purdue chose not to offer their job to Lavin when Keady announced his retirement a couple of years ago.

In the end, NC State needs to pay special attention to its brand management (which is something that Lee Fowler's acceptance of poor performance and years of arguing with the fanbase indicates he can't comprehend.) Why would NC State want to hire any coach that couldn't get the job done to the standards of other schools?
Funny stuff. This tells us a little about the mentality of sports bloggers vs. some of those of lot of the dumbshit posters who often flood those scout and rival boards. After all in UCLA's case - lot of those morons still think Dorrell is an "up and coming" football coach just because he won 10 games! Anyways after all that ... comeon NC State ... PLEASE HIRE LAVIN and take him off the ESPN studio set.