Mendacity of Wooden/UCLA Haters ...

Wooden/UCLA haters came out of the woodwork during our Final-4 run.  ManPundit (by the way TY BruinsNation for taking this prick of your blogroll) attacked Coach Wooden based on a hit piece from Yahoo Sport's Dan Wetzel.  You see Wetzel does this every year. Every year during the tournament time Wetzel will comeup with a hit piece of Coach Wooden. You wonder why. Here is Russ from the Bruinzone:

Some salient points on Wetzel.
  1. He co wrote a book with Tark, he's friends with tark, he spent months talking to Tark. Tark hates Wooden and UCLA because while Wooden was winning, Tark was cheating in multiple places and unable to come close to Wooden.
  2. One of Wetzel's buddies is Bret Bearup, the guy many college coaches consider to be one of the more powerful influences in recruiting today. Why did Wetzel choose to write about Gilbert before the title game and not Donovan's good friend Bearup? Would you write an article the day of the title game bringing up innuendo about a close friend of yours?
  3. Wetzel has a blog on his site that talks about a basketball tour he takes every year, Bearup has gone on it with him several times.
  4. Wetzel on his own site jokes about the statue of Wooden that's mentioned in your link. He says if it's not Wooden's head, maybe it's Sam Gilberts, seems appropriate since Gilbert won all those titles.
Just another thing, the Walton quote came from a 1978 book. Walton's co author on that book came out later and said that Walton was very difficult to tie down on his stories for that book, they changed regularly, and that he knows for a fact Walton called Wooden after the book came out and apologized and admitted he'd embellished. Does that mean Bill didn't see any improprieties by Sam Gilbert, of course not, but was Bill being completely honest when he said they should strip 7 titles and put UCLA on 100 years probation, no, he was embellishing because he thought it would sell more books.

Wetzel doesn't bother to respond to emails by the way.

And of course the ManPundit fell for this bullshit hook, line and sinker. You wonder why we consider the ManPundit nothing but a dumb piece of shit - just like a typical Trojan.  By the way neither Wetzel nor the Pundit could come up with any tangible evidence of any improper activity by Coach Wooden. Assholes.

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