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NFL at the Rose Bowl?

Something to keep an eye on:

The City Council will let voters decide whether to offer the National Football League a long-term lease to play at the Rose Bowl.

The council split on the lease offer, but voted unanimously Monday to put the proposal measure on the November ballot. If approved, the city would offer the NFL a 25-year lease in exchange for a $500 million stadium renovation, $500,000 a year in rent and other considerations.

City Councilman Chris Holden, the initiative's chief sponsor, said the measure would pay for needed renovations to the facility, home of the UCLA football team and the annual Rose Bowl game.

Holden said the other alternative was to pass a local tax.

The measure has some powerful and vocal opponents, including Mayor Bill Bogaard, other council members and preservationists. Pasadena First, a preservation group, has already filed a lawsuit to invalidate the initiative.

The Los Angeles area has been without an NFL football team for more than a decade. Los Angeles, Anaheim, Pasadena and Carson have all told the NFL they want to be home to a team.

Honestly, I don't really have a strong feeling on how this works out. These days I don't have any interest in professional leagues in any sports. The whole Shaq/Kobe shenanigans took all the joy out of following the Lakers. Fair and Balanced destroyed the Dodgers, and then you have the Yorks up in the Bay Area turning the Niners into laughing stock of the NFL thanks to the pathetic managing of "typhoid Terry Donahue" (the mediocre Godfather of below average Karl Dorrell).

I couldn't care less if LA gets an NFL team. The city is doing fine with out it. And I am not really all that excited about UCLA having to share facilities (however renovated they are) with a pro-team which will probably end up moving somewhere in the Fly Over country (aka Middle America). Anyways it's still a news story worth keeping an eye on.