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"Boob Gate" Scandal - of course at USC

Sheeesh. Another day, another scandal at USC. From THC:

USC is suddenly embroiled in a new kind of pickle -- one where no laws were broken, and no one, and we mean NO ONE, was hurt. Far from it, in fact.

Local NBC affiliate Channel 4 reported last night that Dr. Diana York Blaine, a Feminine Theorist (?) Professor at USC, is exhibiting topless photos of herself on her personal website.

The University correctly supported her, and her 1st Amendment rights to do so, but said that they would further investigate the situation.

Dr. Diana's initial reaction: She said it must be a slow news day. She describes the first photo as being taken as an art tribute, in an apartment that belonged to a UCLA Professor. The second one, she says, was at Burning Man (where half of the participants are half-naked half of the night).

As you might have guessed, we have no problem whatsoever with nudity (or pornography, for that matter), or with this woman's right to express herself by showing her breasts in cyberspace. However, we still think that she should understand, that in this Red-State dominated Country, there are going to be a lot of Conservatives (especially at USC) or religious types who are offended by her decisions. At the very least, many will think of this behavior as taking away from the prestige of the sc faculty.

Prestige? Yeah, the much-esteemed sc faculty. You have to HAVE a good reputation before it can get ruined.

The story has now gone national, at least on the college football blogosphere. EDSBS is on it. M Zone may not be far behind. So what's the football angle in all this?

I dunno. You have to wonder now just how does a Trojan tailback all on a sudden magically qualifies for the football team (after two years of being academically ineligible), when rest of his team-mates are busy getting themselves on the LAPD's police blotter. Exactly what kind of classes Pom Pom's players are attending over at South Central? So many questions, but not many answers.