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Kyle Singler's decision ...

So by now everyone knows we are going head to head against Duke for the committment of blue chip recruit Kyle Singler. Singler is the superstar SF from Oregon who will be looking to play the 4 spot either at controversial Durham or serene Westwood. Here is a video of Kyle if you want to get a picture of his game:

Even though (according to recent reports) Singler is in no hurry to committ, I am sure Mr. Singler is paying close attention to the interesting developments on the Duke recruiting front. They have already secured committments from Lance Thams (5 star PF), Gerald Henderson (5 star SF), Jon Scheyer (5 star SG) for the 2006 class, and they have committments from Taylor King (4 start SF), and Nolan Smith (5 star SG) for the 2007 class. Now those are some super star recruits already committed to spot Singler will be vying for (SF, SG or even PF). UCLA in contrast at his positions so far has Keefe, Westbrook, Stanback (not bad at all). Still looks like Duke has more incoming talent committed for its frontcourt (at this snap shot of time) than UCLA. So some recruiting experts are suggesting that Singler is considering Duke strongly because Mr. American Express is promising him playing time at the 4 spot. Well as you can see there is already a talented crowd developing at 4, and perhaps Kyle ought to be aware of the track record of Duke's chevy salesman. From a UNC poster on a UCLA message board:

1. Lance Thomas will never play anywhere but the 4 (or possibly the 5) in Coach K's system. He lies to players and plays them out of position, and he's been doing it for years.

2. This doesn't help you guys with Singler because I guarentee you Coack K will look Singler in the eyes and say "Thomas is a PF and we landed him to ensure you will never have to play PF Kyle." But in the end, 20 bucks says Kyle ends up playing PF at some point if he goes to Dook.

Well I am sure Kyle is a pretty smart kid who is keeping an eye on exactly what is going on. And I am sure he will be finding out more and more stories like this one which doesn't paint a very pretty picture of Mr. American Experess:
[I]f you want a real sports fraud, you don't have to look far. Especially this time of year. If it's March Madness, you'll have Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski preaching the virtues of sportsmanship in his holier than thou press conferences and then screaming swear words at his players on the sidelines and pleading for yet another grossly Blue Devil favored officiating night.

Coach K is Bobby Knight with a good publicist. Only he lacks any of Knight's realness. No one has a more vile tongue in college basketball than Mike Krzyzewski. Which would be fine if he would just admit who he is: a control freak who berates players, officials, reporters and anyone else who dares get in his way. Instead he waxes poetic about being "an educator" in credit card commercials.

There is nothing more classic than Krzyzewski moaning about how sad it is that people seem to hate a player as classy as JJ Redick. Ah, Coach, that's pretty much because of the arrogant way you've run your program.
HT to TruthAboutDuke (those kids need permalinks).

Now why would someone want to play for an jerk like that? Question to ponder for young Kyle Singler.