No. 99 this Sunday?

The mens' volleyball having just captured UCLA's NCAA-record 98th national championship.  

Now, it's time to see who will step up to the plate, er, 4-meter line, for No. 99, as UCLA marches toward the big 100.  

Next up: UCLA's defending national championship women's water polo team.  

Here's something from today's Daily News piece on UCLA's possible title game against USC:

The teams have won the national title nine of the past 10 years, including seven by the Bruins.

UCLA is the defending champion, though it's the Trojans who come into the tournament as the No. 1 seed. UCLA is ranked No. 3, though the Bruins beat USC last week in the conference tournament for the first time in three tries this season.

If the teams meet again, it will be in Sunday's final. To get there, each school likely will have to get past an opponent it lost to earlier in the season. In the semifinals, USC could face Hawaii, the team that snapped its 25-game winning streak.

UCLA could face No. 2 Stanford in the semifinals. USC opens against Claremont-Mudd- Scripps, and UCLA against Hartwick.

Here's the schedule if you're interested.  

Are you asking yourself: why in the hell is Coco posting about women's water polo?  Let me respond with a question of my own: what kind of self respecting Bruin wouldn't be interested in scantily clad UCLA women battling USC for the national championship in an incredible violent sport?  Oh, and I played water polo myself back in the day (so let the water-wack comments flow freely).

Good luck ladies.


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