Housegate Update No. 2

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Impending litigation and Reggie's departure to the NFL have bogged down the ongoing NCAA investigation into the Housegate scandal.  As a result, there wasn't much new in yesterday's LA Times piece.

Because founders of the sports marketing company plan to file a civil suit against Bush and his family, both sides have been wary of giving investigators information that could be used in court.

"I've got a lawsuit I have to deal with," Brian Watkins, the attorney for New Era Sports & Entertainment, said recently. "I can't show all my cards."
David Cornwell, a lawyer for Bush and his family, expressed concern over this issue at the recent NFL draft when he said: "I'm not going to give the other side free discovery."
[Also, b]ecause the running back is now in the NFL, neither he nor his family is compelled to cooperate. Also, one of the New Era founders, Lloyd Lake, is in federal prison on an unrelated criminal conviction.

Closer to the field, though, it looks like Reggie indeed did hurt his chance at being the first pick in the NFL draft by not being honest about his family receiving benefits in violation of NCAA rules during his career at USC.  Again, is just nails on this story:

A league source tells us that former Texans G.M. Charley Casserly believes running back Reggie Bush was not truthful in a pre-draft interview with Casserly and Texans owner Bob McNair regarding reports that Bush and/or his family received benefits in violation of NCAA rules during his career at USC.

The source contacted us on this point in specific response to our recent suggestion that Casserly wanted to select Bush with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, even after McNair and coach Gary Kubiak had decided to focus on Mario Williams.

Per the source, Casserly and McNair both concluded after interviewing Bush regarding the reports that they did not believe him. Thus, they decided that they didn't want Bush to be the face of the franchise moving forward.

They also report that the league is unlikely to oblige Bush's arrogant attempt to bend the rules to allow himself to wear No. 5 in the NFL.
Most of the league insiders to whom we have spoken believe that Bush's request ultimately will be rejected. When one player can dictate NFL rule changes, where does the process stop? And what kind of a message does that send to guys like Edgerrin James, who has wanted to wear No. 5 since joining the league in 1999?

Also, the notion of the league bending for Bush could imply to the casual observer that Bush is somehow bigger than the league.

Let's see.  What are two betters ways to hurt you position in the draft, lose the extra money that comes with the number one spot, and then damage your already sullied reputation even further by acting like an petulant child?  Hmmm, can't think of any.....


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