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National Organization for Women: Meet University of Sexual Criminals

Although a few years too late, NOW has finally caught on to the blatant disregard for the safety of female students at that community college/half-way house in South Central. In the understatement of the year, Helen Greco of NOW observed:

"The treatment by the university of the crimes committed by football players sends a clear message to women on your campus that their personal safety and dignity is not as important as the success of the football team."

"We implore you to protect your female students and aid in the growth of your male athletes and start taking these crimes seriously. The possible ramifications on the football field are nothing compared [to] the long-term [effects] this behavior has on the victims, other female students and faculty, and the culture of the university."

Maybe the MSM will finally get a clue and realize that South Central Community College is just as out of control as these recent stories seem to suggest. Of course, it's nothing that we here at the nation haven't known for a long time.

Some words of wisdom to parents of SC co-eds: keep an eye on your daughters, because SC certainly is not.