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Other programs giving Dorrell lessons ...

I wonder if Dorrell is taking notes. Everyone knows by now that Krikorian and his program brought home championship number 99 by beating the witches of Troy.

Over the weekend, Bruins also posted big wins over USC, in another sport - baseball. Savage in just two seasons have turned the program around. Yesterday his boys demolished the Trojans 12-1, winning 2 out of 3 games in a huge Pac-10 series. From the Daily Bruin:

In the rubber game of the annual rivalry series between the UCLA baseball team and the USC Trojans, the Bruins were nearly flawless. The Bruins (27-21, 10-8 Pac-10) dominated the Trojans (25-25, 11-10) on Sunday by a score of 12-1.

"It was just one of those games where everyone came out to play," UCLA coach John Savage said. "Everyone was just locked in, offensively and defensively."

One has to think all these amazing success stories from other programs must be building some kind of internal pressure (from Morgan Center) on Karl Dorrell to show something. Again ... he needs to beat SC (and win 9 games) this season, if he wants prove he belongs in the same league with all the other amazing coaches in the UCLA athletic program. Time is running out for Dorrell to learn and to mature into being a good football coach. Let?s hope he is taking in the lessons he could be learning from other coaches during this off season and deliver in 2006.